Department OBS - Number of Descendant Units?
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Department OBS - Number of Descendant Units?


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What is the recommended limit of number of units can be allowed at department OBS? Are there any known application performance issues if the department OBS units are large?


Release : All Supported

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


  1. In Classic Clarity, there is no limit to the OBS breadth (number of nodes per unit/level), but it can only go 10 levels deep, except in the Department OBS. See: How many OBS Levels can be created? for more details
  2. In the New UX, there is one known limitation: Department OBS Is Blank in Cost Plan Detail of New UX if your departments exceed 50,000 due to a governor setting limit. 
  3. There are limitations in XOG of OBS units as well: Unable to XOG output the OBS structure If the MAX_XML_NODES is not big enough the XOG output won't include the OBS structure.
  4. If you are seeing any a performance issues the other thing that can cause issues is a slow running query on the DB end that the DBA can tune. See example at: OBS autosuggest feature is slow in Clarity

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