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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We notice that will fail to run, see error and checks below;

[spec_inst@XXXX1416 ~]$ perl /opt/app/spectrum/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ is running using out-of-the-box conversion criteria. To specify custom conversion criteria, run with the `-m' option.

Enter name or IP of VNM Host: XXXX1416

Enter SpectroServer Landscape Handle (Must be in hex): 0x100000

Make sure the SpectroServer is up and running.


       You do not have connection privileges to the VNM

       machine: XXXX416.


       You are using an invalid Landscape Handle: 0x100000.


Tests we completed according TechNote; 32438 & 76493


[spec_inst@XXXX1416 vnmsh]$ ./connect


Starting CLI Local Server VnmShd

SPECTRUM Command Line Interface

Copyright 2020 CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company All Rights Reserved

CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company

One CA Plaza

Islandia, NY  11749 USA

+1 (800) 225-5224

connect: successful XXXX1416

current landscape is 0x100000


WARNING:  CLI is a powerful tool that allows a user to make changes

directly to the SPECTRUM knowledge-base without the error checking

provided by OneClick.  Please read the accompanying CLI user

documentation before using the create, destroy, or update commands.


[spec_inst@XXXX1416 vnmsh]$ ./disconnect

disconnect: successful from XXXX1416 - connected for 0 hours, 0 minutes



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The script must be launched from the $SPECROOT/Install-Tools/PostInstall/ directory.


To avoid such error, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the $SPECROOT/Install-Tools/PosInstall/ directory.

$ cd /opt/app/spectrum/Install-Tools/PostInstall/

2. Run the script from this directory:

$ ./