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Create GCP SFTP folder and another Dedicated SFTP User with Different Access Rights


Article ID: 202401


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We have two Clarity instances from different Organizations are in the process of merging. We are working with HCL to combine our separate Clarity instances into one instance.  HCL plans to migrate data from one Org to the other via SFTP.  We would like to create a new folder for HCL, and assign different rights to a dedicated user so that we will not have to share existing credentials with HCL.  Sharing our internal credentials with HCL is a violation of our security policy. 





As per Saas policy SFTP access is provided to customer only, it is not possible to create another dedicated SFTP user for GCP SFTP and provide different access rights. Saas may be able to create two sets of SSH key pairs one for you and another for HCL, but this may not make a big difference as HCL will be pointing to same account. In general, if customer has a Services Engagement with HCL they would normally provide the access.