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Install a CA PAM Client in a Terminal Server pre-populated for all users


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes, when installing a CA PAM Client in a shared location in a Terminal Server to be available for all users in that server, we may be interested in having the ip addresses of the different pam servers to show up in the initial CA PAM client login window for each user. To this effect, a shortcut to the CA PAM Client location is created in each user's profile. However, under normal conditions, the pre-populated list of servers is not displayed


This article discusses how this can be achieved


CA Privileged Access Manager, all versions up from 2.8.X


The list of servers is kept in the registry as a byte array. Its location is


It's possible to prepopulate that for users, but since it's a byte array and not ASCII text, the best way to proceed is to copy it over from an existing key with the desired list of servers.