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IAM LDAP Authentication fails with error: User returned from LDAP has null uuid


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When trying to logon with a user ID that exists in LDAP, the following error comes up: 
ERROR [] (default task-8) Uncaught server error: org.keycloak.models.ModelException: User returned from LDAP has null uuid! Check configuration of your LDAP settings.
UUID Attribute must be unique among your LDAP records and available on all the LDAP user records. If your LDAP server really doesn't support the notion of UUID, you can use any other attribute, which is supposed to be unique among LDAP users in tree. 
For example 'uid' or 'entryDN' . Mapped UUID LDAP attribute: entryUUID, user DN: uid=uuuuu,ou=people,dc=iiiii,dc=xxxx,dc=yy

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Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


In the particular LDAP system with this problem, there was an employee-number that uniquely identifies the user.
After using that in the "UUID LDAP Attribute" field, the error 'User returned from LDAP has null uuid' was resolved.