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Is there a way in logmon to clear the data used by the "updates" mode to track last read location


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have the situation where I have a profile that is watching a file for new entries using  mode = updates.

I have added a new watcher to the configuration and need to reprocess the log(s) from the beginning, to determine if this new watcher matches any existing data.

Is it possible to reset the file position so that logmon will re-read the entire file?


this is actually handled by the hdb probe and you can do the following:

- on the logmon robot go to (NIMSOFT INSTALL)/nimsoft/probes/service/hdb/

- here you will see a bunch of .db files with names that match your logmon profiles

- rename or delete the relevant one.

- a new one immediately will be recreated with the position reset to 0.

As soon as that happens the file will be re-read from the beginning.