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Users unable to submit Service Catalog Offerings From USS (Unified Self-Service) in 17.3


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After upgrading to Catalog 17.3 we noticed that users were unable to submit offerings.  The submit button would grey out and the spinner would just spin.

Seems the POST request is returning successfully (status: 200), however, the response does not contain an expected value (

The .JSON Post shows: undefinedpriority


Release : 17.3

Component : CA SERVICE CATALOG / USS (not supported in 17.3)


The problem is related to "Access Control: Show General Information" when this configuration has selected roles. The workaround is to remove all roles from the "Access Control: Show General Information" configuration to avoid this issue to occur.

In a supported scenario, this issue could be a defect with USS/Catalog but since USS has not been tested/supported to work with Catalog/SDM 17.3, then it can't be considered as a defect.

The recommendation is to consider planning to move to xFlow/Service Point, which is supported in 17.3