Mass closing tickets with resolution
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Mass closing tickets with resolution


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CA Service Desk Manager


Is there a way to mass close a series of Incident tickets and apply the same resolution for each given ticket?


Release : 17.1 and higher



The suggested method is to use Edit In List to close a group of the same tickets.  

If there is interest to include additional content, such as a resolution in the activity log, Edit In List may not be feasible.

Attempting to use direct DB manipulation is inadvisable.  This is due to the backend database structure in place, where one would need to manipulate the Call_Req table (to set the given ticket's active and status fields) as well as the Activity Log table, which is where the Resolution content for the given ticket is stored. We also observed that there was an SLA defined, which would also require manipulation of the Event and Animator tables at the very least, to ensure the given SLA is cancelled out as part of a ticket closure or cancellation.

Apart from using the Edit In List function, one could also leverage Web Services by developing a script that would enter a resolution, then close the given ticket. One could also explore using maileater to devise a mail that performs a similar update. Both methods would require a measure of development and scripting, which is outside the scope of Broadcom Support to assist in its development.