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Rally: Defects (Active) count in Iteration Status page banner is reflecting inaccurate count


Article ID: 202320


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


The Defects - Active count that displays in the top banner of the Iteration Status page is not reflecting accurate information for a given sprint (sprint 1).  There were a total of 9 defects submitted for the sprint; all closed & accepted.  The Defects > Active count was showing as 8, although the defects all reflect the proper Iteration value (sprint 1), and the count should therefore be 0.



There are two reasons why this can occur

  • Scoping to show child projects when the user doesn't have access to all child projects
  • The calculation service did not complete successfully


If the issue is caused by lacking permissions to child projects, it may be necessary to uncheck the option to show child projects in the project menu dropdown, or it may be necessary to grant permissions to the missing projects.

If the issue is caused by the calculation service not having run correctly, then modifying the Plan Estimate on a work item and changing it back should be sufficient to retrigger the calculation service.