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SEP WTR Users cannot access internet via WSS


Article ID: 202319


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users accessing internet via WSS using SEP WTR agent

Users working fine until PAC file change

After PAC file change pushed out to group of users, all users in group could not access any internet resources 


SEP WTR agent sent authentication traffic to one WSS pod, and the explicit Web requests to another.


Apply SEP WTR update

Additional Information

A PCAP from the workstation using Wireshark shows what is happening

- user tries to access via GGBLO (

- user is asked to authenticate by sending a CONNECT request to via GGBLR (different data center -

- user is redirected back to original URL, again going to GGBLO


Because of a SEP communication issue between the authentication and proxy engines, the authentication engine failed back to the last working IP address which was the one accessed prior to the PAC file change. The new SEP WTR build addresses and recovers from any communication breakdown.