how to specify client certificates
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how to specify client certificates


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Often the need exists for customers to specify a client certificate in a Blazemeter test. How can this be done?


Blazemeter SaaS


Blazemeter consists of 2 major components that client certificates can be provided for: Blazemeter (performance and functional tests) on the one hand and API Monitoring, formerly known as Runscope, on the other hand.

Blazemeter and Runscope were two distinct products that have been joined not too long ago under the same umbrella. But they are still very different in architecture. Runscope requires PEM-formatted certificates while Blazemeter does not support them. 

Blazemeter uses JMeter to run its tests. The procedure to provide client certificates to these tests is described in detail in this blog.

API Monitoring (Runscope) requires a non password protected PEM encoded certificate to be specified in the environment setting of a test:

Certificates come in different formats. If they are in a format different than PEM, reference this article on how to convert them.

As Runscope does not offer a way to provide a password, the password needs to be removed prior to pasting the certificate using