Data Center Security KMOD package compatibility
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Data Center Security KMOD package compatibility


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Data Center Security Server Advanced Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Data Center Security Server


Linux OS are regularly updated by OS vendors and kmod rpm's provides updated DCS Agent drivers to cover the new kernel requirements.

You require clarification for kmod package backward compatibility and dependencies on OS version and kernel.



Data Center Security Server Advance (DCS) 6.9.x and above




  • KMOD packages are kernel dependent 
  • KMOD packages are cumulative and backward compatible
  • KMOD packages are DCS Agent specific version dependent

To find the correct KMOD version you can reffer below links which shows supported kernels. 

6.9.0 - 
6.9.1 - 
6.9.2 -
6.9.3 -

DCS yum repository will allow to download the latest version of the kmod package. 

DCS yum repository. 

6.9.0 and 6.9.1 - 

6.9.2 - 

6.9.3 - 

Note: In order to download a specific KMOD via the previous URL just pass the name into the URL after a forward slash and it will download the specified file


DCS 6.9.3 sdcss-kmod-10.0.0-620.el8.x86_64 supports RHEL 8.2 and all older releases of RHEL 8.x 

Refering to DCS yum repository for 6.9.3 

Example -