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EDC5121I Invalid argument - errno2=x'55b03ca. Unable to download maintenance (Get Latest Maintenance)


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER


Trying to use CA-MSM for downloading latest maintenance, the error below can occur: 

...ERROR (thread-2e) 2020-10-27 12:15:46.832 (mvsutil/dataset.c:680): mount_mountex: __mount(path=/CA/msmserv/mpm/tmproot/MSM.1062610562302280839.scratchpad, filesystem=UNIX.CA.MSM.T1352, filesystype='ZFS', mnt2_mode=0x91A7E8EA/0x0, parmlen=8, parm=aggrgrow) error; rc=-1, errno=121; errno2=x'55b03ca, EDC5121I Invalid argument.

How to bypass it?  


Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


From IBM documentation section 'z/OS UNIX reason codes' at the link below :

03CA JROutOfMountEntries

The system is unable to obtain an entry in the file system mount table in the OMVS couple data set.

Action: Either free an entry by unmounting a file system, or request your system programmer to create a new OMVS couple data set which supports a larger number of mounts. The system programmer will need to run the XCF couple data set format utility for TYPE(BPXMCDS) to increase the number of MOUNTS supported then issue the SETXCF COUPLE operator command to add the new OMVS couple data set as the alternate and then PSWITCH to make the alternate couple data set the primary couple data set for OMVS.

So, the solution is related to the OMVS CDS file that needs to be checked and/or recreated and the System Programmer should be involved.