How to stop phase execution on prior task failure
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How to stop phase execution on prior task failure


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Continuous Delivery Director


In CDD, under a particular phase if it have 5 actions (tasks) and if 1st action gets failed it should not proceed to the next actions for execution. How could we configure the same in CDD 7.1 version ?


Release : 7.1

Component : Continuous Delivery Director


With CDD 7.1, once task failed, the phase remains in a "running with errors" state. You can potentially fix the error and re-run the task.

See below

You can also define an "on-failure phase". If such on-failure phase exist, it will automatically be triggered with the defined tasks in case the original phase has failed tasks.  In this case, your initial phase will not be blocked for future executions, and the on-failure logic can take place

See below how to add an on-failure phase

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