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Unable to add a user in a CloudSOC Dashboard/Widget


Article ID: 202233


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CASB Security Advanced


When trying to add a user to a dash board the user does not populate as an available user to add.


In one scenario, the user was not an active user in the type of Report evaluated (ex: Salesforce). 

When you create a Dashboard / Widget (example, Investigate) you start with basic attributes. However, as you add Filters (example: Activity Type per image below), the activity types may only apply to certain records/apps (such as certain Securlets). So even if the user populates for other apps/Securlets, etc. adding a specific filter can make it so the user doesn't appear in the list.



• Make sure the user that is trying to be added is an active user in the SaaS

• Try editing/removing Filters to open the scope since applying specific filters/activity types may not be applicable to your Dashboard/Widget..