Custom OBS attribute not available in DWH
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Custom OBS attribute not available in DWH


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Custom OBS attributes are and not getting added to Data Warehouse (DWH)


  1. Create a new OBS with one level and one unit
  2. Associate it to a Custom Investment Object
  3. Now open an instance and select a value for this OBS
  4. Save
  5. Now open the Custom Investment Object, enable it for Data Warehouse
  6. Go to Attributes and open the Custom OBS attribute (it would be noted as Attribute created due to OBS Association)
  7. Note the Included in Data Warehouse checkmark is greyed out
  8. Run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load

Expected Results: The attribute to be available for selection and included in Data Warehouse

Actual Results: The attribute is greyed out and not getting added to the Data Warehouse. DWH_INV_OBS_MAPPING is not updated either. 


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9.0, 15.9.1

Component : Data Warehouse


Caused by DE58512


Fixed in 15.9.2

The team agreed that despite the fact the attribute is protected and users cannot include/exclude from the Data Warehouse, The DWH_INV_OBS_MAPPING table should include the mappings between OBS units and custom investments.

From 15.9.2 onwards, the attribute is still greyed out for inclusion in DWH, but the DWH_INV_OBS_MAPPING table will be populated.

Additional Information

This does not affect custom objects. Custom objects are not included in the DWH_INV_OBS_MAPPING because they are not an investment. They have no investment_key so they cannot be mapped to an investment.

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