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Where Can I find the Staffing Section Data in the OData Tables in PowerBI


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Clarity PPM SaaS


I have looked through the Odata Warehouse/feed to find the staffing section because I want to connect the employees staff hours to our PowerBI but I can not find the data tables in the Odata to connect that data to our PowerBI.  Can you let me know which data table(s) in the Odata contain the data/inputs found in the staffing section so we can report on employee staff hours and forecast.




The Staffing Section Data in the OData Tables in PowerBI are as follows:

The Allocations are in the team facts table: DWH_INV_TEAM_PERIOD_FACTS
- If you want monthly data check the table: DWH_INV_TEAM_PER_FACTS_M_V
- If you want summarized data by month for the resource check: DWH_RES_PER_FACTS_M_V

Data Warehouse Fact Tables
The DWH_TEAM tables with SUMMARY in the name store summarized facts.
- Summary tables exist for many of the facts.
- If you are matching summary numbers to period facts, qualify the period facts by a period type.

In Clarity the Team/Staff page shows Allocations: