Release Reports and Executed Phases and Tasks
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Release Reports and Executed Phases and Tasks


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How to capture the release reports by Executed Phase


Release : 7.0, 7.1,7.2 or higher



The API which can be used to extract the report of a Release by Executed Phases and with details of each Executed task is 

  • GET /reports/releases/executed-phases/executed-tasks


Please find instruction on how this API can be used

API parameters: This API expect below optional parameters

  1.  release - Provide multiple releaseIds values in new lines.
  2. phase - Provide multiple phasesIds values in new lines.
  3. plugin_name - pluginName
  4. plugin_vendor -  pluginVendor
  5. plugin_version - pluginVersion
  6. task_template_name - taskTemplateName
  7. endpoint_name - endpointName
  8. sort_field - sortField
  9. sort_direction - sort direction


Tuning API invocation


  • In the below example I have a release with name "6.7 RA" which has two phases DEV and STG
  • The release can be fetch by navigating to specific release and extracting release id from the URL (example in the URL 4 is the release id: http://CDD-SERVER:CDD-PORT/cdd/releases/4)
  • To retrieve all phases and there respective id in the release you can invoke the API under Design category -> Phase -> GET /releases/{releaseId}/phases


Please find steps to execute the API GET /reports/releases/executed-phases/executed-tasks below

  1. Login to CDD
  2. The API can be invoked via Swagger interface of CDD. To open the same login to CDD and click on accordion on the right-top corner and launch REST API

  3. On the Swagger page, locate section REPORTING and look for API release-execution-report and you can provide parameters mentioned above example is below.



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