Eiamadmin account locked
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Eiamadmin account locked


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We are getting below error while login with Eiamadmin account to EEM

Error:EE_PW_USERLOCKED Account locked

Pleas provide steps to unlock the account.


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Eiamadmin will become locked after three consecutive failed login attempts using an
incorrect password. The id will only be locked for 5 mins and then the id is automatically
unlocked. There is nothing configurable at this time for the number of times incorrect password
attempts before eiamadmin would become locked. And no configurable setting regarding
the time before it auto-unlocks. It locks after three failed attempts. And unlocks
automatically after 5mins.

There is the
EEM UI -> Configure -> EEM Server -> Password Policies -> "lock user account after X failed logins"
But that has scope only for other EEM internal accounts, NOT eiamadmin and not for LDAP users.

If you are seeing the id not getting unlocked automatically then someone or some thing keeps trying to use an incorrect password. You may need to stop autosys or AEWS or WCC for a period of time to help confirm the offending party.

The following is the link to the documentation that walks thru resetting eiamadmin's password in case you need it.


Keep in mind if you are changing eiamadmin's password you will need to update AE and WCC.