MS SQL Policy Stores SYNC (of two data center) procedure
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MS SQL Policy Stores SYNC (of two data center) procedure


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We're running a Policy Server and we'd like to get the procedure to
put in SYNC 2 MSSQL Policy Stores. 

How can we do that ?

  1. What are the changes and configuration needed at MSSQL side ?
  2. What are the configuration needed at DataBase level ?
  3. What are the configuration needed at Tables and Schema level ?
  4. Which Policy Store Instance should be initialized and configured
     during installation of Policy Server ?



Policy Server 12.8SP3 on RedHat 7




For all these, as they are DataBase level configuration, we'd like you
to get in touch with Microsoft Support and consult the vendor

We only provide documentation about creating the schema for the Policy
Store here :

  How to Configure a SQL Server Policy Store

About the 4th question, we suggest you to initialize only 1 instance
first completely, and then make the other instance replicated once you
have imported the corporate data. No need to initialize Policy Store
at each Policy Server.