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Using CA Dispatch CADZSPLx task operator STOP IMMEDIATE commands


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


This article contains examples of operator commands that can be used to immediately disable data collection by the CA Dispatch related CADZSPLx and associated SAPI tasks.






- Sample command that will allow you to IMMEDIATELY STOP all CADZSPLx dynamic intercept processing:

  /F SPLx,stoP ALL,IN,I

- Sample command that will allow you to IMMEDIATELY STOP all SAPI task processing:

  /F SPLx,stoP ALL,S,I

- Sample command that will IMMEDIATELY STOP both intercept and all SAPI tasks, using a single command:

  /F SPLx,stoP ALL,I

- Optionally, you can substitute the specific NAME of the task that you wish to execute the command against in place of the word 'ALL', in the above command examples. 
  Example:  /F SPLx,P RPI1,I  = (IMMEDIATELY STOP both intercept and SAPI for only the RPI1 class & SAPIRPI1 task).


Using the IMMEDIATE function parameter (i.e. The "I" on the end of the command) requests the immediate halt of the intercept and SAPI tasks, which in turn manifests the following data collection stoppage results:

– No new report data is intercepted or processed by SAPI.

– Job output that is actively being intercepted is rerouted to the JES spool with a special header record. The associated SAPI task later appends these partial rerouted datasets to the back end of their corresponding partial VOPMI200 queue screen entries, if possible, and the report is processed in it's entirety by the appropriate CA Dispatch subtask.

– The SAPI process is interrupted and the destination of the original JES Data Set is set to $$Rxyyyy (where x is the CADDSPL Id and yyyy is the current SAPI task) for recovery purposes. During the start of any SAPI task, a search is done for special $$Rxyyyy destinations and these JES Data Sets are recovered first.

Additional Information

For additional information on using CADDSPLx operator commands, please refer to (Chapter 7: CADDSPL Operation - CADDSPL Operator Commands) in the the CA Dispatch System Programmers guide.