How to have process from smgr automatically start after install
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How to have process from smgr automatically start after install


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Need instructions for how to automatically start processes (specifically a windows agent) automatically after the agent and servicemanager (smgr) are first installed and starting the agent for the first time.

When installing the service manager and an agent on hundreds or thousands of machines, it may be necessary to automate some of the process.  In this case, the requirement was to have a single Windows Agent defined for the smgr and have it start automatically when the windows service starts.


Release : 12.3



This is a customized solution that customers will need to put in place.  Here is one example of steps that could be used:
a) Install the agent
b) Install the servicemanager
c) Copy an existing UC4.smd and UC4.smc file (that just has the single agent entry in it, set to start automatically)
d) Update the UC4.smd and UC4.smc file to have an updated agent name (this is simply so that it makes sense which agent it is when it's started). For example, If the agent name on an EXISTING install is UC4 Windows Server1, but it needs to be updated to Server2 on the Server2 box, the line in the new .smc file is now:
CREATE UC4 Windows Server2

and the server1 could be updated the server name
The UC4.smc file now has the line:
DEFINE UC4 Windows Server2;*OWN\..\..\Agents\windows\bin\ucxjwx6.exe;*OWN\..\..\Agents\windows\bin

and server 2 again could be updated to the server name

e) start the service manager windows service and the new agent should start correctly