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Rally: Users seeing Rally login page accessing instead of SSO login


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When accessing users are sent to a Rally login page.


Release : SAAS



If you visit and you are not currently authenticated to the application, it will show you our Rally login screen.  This is so that it's still possible for subscription administrators and "exceptions users" to log into the application using Rally credentials instead of SSO.

If a normal SSO user were to enter their username in the Username field, it would redirect them to your SSO login page.

Subscription administrators do have a slightly different behavior than normal users and they are able to log in with SSO or Rally credentials so that they can manage the subscription even if SSO is unavailable.

Ultimately, SSO users should be accessing the application via their IdP initiated URL (provided by your SSO admin) or an SP initiated URL (provided by Rally).

What some customers will do is set up a site internally that hosts a redirect page to the above url.  So for example they might have a page like

The default page on the URL above would have a page that simply contains a redirect to the SSO URL above.  This way users have a simple page to bookmark or access and if the SSO URL changes for any reason, it's an update to a page on that redirect page on your intranet and everyone is automatically redirected to the new SSO page.