Endevor Web Service STC exclusive hold of Endevor Datasets
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Endevor Web Service STC exclusive hold of Endevor Datasets


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin


Unable to resize the base/delta librarty dataset of C++ type, shows dataset in use by Endevor Web Services STC. 

Command ===>

   Data set 'iprfx.iqual.STG1.BASE'

   is in use by the following 1 user(s) and/or job(s):



Release : 18.1



Web Services has STC pooling enabled, PoolReapTime and AgedTimeout set to zero in Endevor.cfg, this settilg allows active STCs to remain in the pool indefinitely, for any C++ element action using REST API (ZOWE, VS code), base/delta library for C++ type is forever locked by Web Services STC. 


Option 1: Disable STC pooling, that is to set PoolMaxSize to zero in Endevor.cfg, STC gets shutdown once web services finish processing the request.  

Option 2: With STC pooling enabled, set None zero value to PoolReapTime and AgedTimeout in Endevor.cfg - For example,  STC pool maintenance monitoring thread.runs every 180 seconds,  STC remains in existence for at most 1020 seconds (1200-180=1020) before being shut down. 

With both options, STC gets shutdown by the Web Servcies configuration (after a short period of time),  and dataset is no longer locked by Web Services started task. 



Additional Information

STC pooling parameters in configuration file

Endevor Web Servics use non-system LX in the STC, the ASIDs should become reusable again once the STCs terminate.