Endevor Web Service STC exclusive hold of Endevor Datasets
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Endevor Web Service STC exclusive hold of Endevor Datasets


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin


Unable to resize the base/delta librarty dataset of C++ type, shows dataset in use by Endevor Web Services STC. 


Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Web Services has STC pooling enabled, PoolReapTime and AgedTimeout set to zero in Endevor.cfg, this settilg allows active STCs to remain in the pool indefinitely, for any C++ element action using REST API (ZOWE, VS code), base/delta library for C++ type is forever locked by Web Services STC. 


Option 1: Disable STC pooling, that is to set PoolMaxSize to zero in Endevor.cfg, STC gets shutdown once web services finish processing the request.  

Option 2: With STC pooling enabled, set None zero value to PoolReapTime and AgedTimeout in Endevor.cfg

In the above example,  STC pool maintenance monitoring thread.runs every 180 seconds,  STC remains in existence for at most 1020 seconds (1200-180=1020) before being shut down. 

With both options, STC gets shutdown by the Web Servcies configuration (after a short period of time),  and dataset is no longer locked by Web Services started task. 



Additional Information

STC pooling parameters in configuration file

Endevor Web Servics use non-system LX in the STC, the ASIDs should become reusable again once the STCs terminate.