Quova data shows incorrect Geo Location
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Quova data shows incorrect Geo Location


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CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort) CA Strong Authentication CA Rapid App Security CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication


This short document discusses how to find if the loaded Quova data to CA Risk Authentication sever is incorrect or obsolete given and IP address. that resolves to an incorrect geolocation. This can be validated using the database access to CA Risk Authentication post uploading the latest Quova in Broadcom's support site. 


Release : All supported version of Risk Authentication

Component : RiskMinder ( Arcot RiskFort)

CA Risk Authentication


Neustar Quova data that was provided to Broadcom and shared with customers is found to have discrepancies or is obsolete. 


1. Customer converts the IP address in question into a integer format say an IP address of which translates to an integer as "3251286052".

2. The result of the DB query " select * from ARQGEOPOINT1 where start_ip_int<'3251286052' and end_ip_int>'3251286052' " after uploading in RiskAuthServer is shared with Broadcom support via support case. 

DB query output

Raw output is as shown below

3251286016 3251286271 24 europe germany de 86 unknown nordrhein-westfalen 73 leverkusen 61 51373 0 1 51.0459 7.0192 0 0 0 tx high fixed N 394221 9539313 49 1314660453 1314752958

Screenshot showing the DB query output. 

3. Broadcom Support then opens a ticket with its vendor Neustar to provide corrected Quova data.

4. Customer uploads the new Quova data that is provided by Neustar in the AA DB.

5. Customer runs DB query in #2 above and validates that right geolocation is called out. 

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