Issue in Reassign feature
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Issue in Reassign feature


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When Manager’s are Trying to Reassign they see Mutiple options for a single User and they are Randomly assigning to them.


We have to again go Manually and assign to the correct associate ID we didn’t face this issue earlier.



Release : 14.2, 14.3, 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


This issue is due to each of these 'users' existing in the back end and are displayed as an option. 


Please review the reassignment filtering documentation here to ensure that only the main account is displayed during reassingment:

14.3 - Define Reviewers for Certifications
14.4 - Define Reviewers for Certifications

Filter Users for Reassignment of Certifications

A campaign owner can determine users to whom reviewers can reassign or delegate their certification tasks. A campaign owner can select all users, none users, or a subset of users in an organization for reassignment of certification tasks. By filtering a set of users, the campaign owner ensures that only the authorized users in the organization are selected for reassignment task.

Examples of User Filters:

User Status = Active AND User Type! = Contractor This filter enforces reviewers to reassign their tasks only to the active and permanent employees in an organization. Since the campaign tasks are not reassigned to the inactive users, there is no possibility that a task is not completed.

Title = Manager AND User Status = Active AND Department = Finance This filter ensures that the campaign tasks are reassigned only to the active managers of Finance department.

A campaign owner can configure filters for reassign users in the Certification Template, and the filters are applicable to all the certification campaigns that are based on this Certification Template. The filters are constructed with user attributes that are available in the model/master configurations. A campaign owner can follow the given steps to configure reassign user filters:  {see doc for full filter configuration details}