CA Gen 8.6 client deployed to Citrix Windows Server 2016 fails to start (KERNELBASE.DLL Exception code 0xc06d007e)
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CA Gen 8.6 client deployed to Citrix Windows Server 2016 fails to start (KERNELBASE.DLL Exception code 0xc06d007e)


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New  Gen 8.6 generated client runs successfully on Windows 10 workstation where it was built.
After deployment to Citrix Windows Server 2016 the client fails to start.
The event log from Event Viewer (Windows Logs > Application) shows the client .EXE is faulting in module KERNELBASE.dll with Exception code 0xc06d007e.



Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Run Time, GUI


From this web page covering a crash in KERNELBASE.DLL with Exception code 0xc06d007e:
This is an exception that's specific to Microsoft Visual C++, facility code 0x6d. The error code is 0x007e (126), ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND, "The specified module could not be found". This exception is raised when a delay-loaded DLL cannot be found. Most programmers have the code that generates this exception on their machine, vc/include/delayhlp.cpp in the Visual Studio install directory.

Well, it is the typical "file not found" mishap, specific to a DLL. If you have no idea what DLL is missing then you can use SysInternals' ProcMon utility. You'll see the program search for the DLL and not finding just before it bombs.

When Gen clients execute and there are missing dlls typically "Failed to load DLL ...., reason code 126" is shown but in this scenario the above exception 0xc06d007e is thrown instead.

Installed Microsoft Sysinternals Process Monitor from:
Ran procmon with filtering set for "Process name = CLIENT_NAME.EXE" and saved output to .PML log file.
Typically the procmon log file will show many occurrences of "NAME NOT FOUND" as the monitored process searches through various PATH directories to find the required dll files. For this scenario, it is best to work upwards from the first occurrence of werfault.exe (Windows Error Reporting program) in the log file. Doing that it could be seen that Gen GUI client runtime file iefutln.dll could not be found anywhere. 
To ensure all required Gen runtime files and Support files are deployed see the word document attached to this KB article: CA Gen 8.6 GUI and COM Proxy Deployment

Additional Information

1. It is also possible to troubleshoot using the Dependency Walker utility to determine any missing dll files:

2. Other possible errors when required Gen runtime or support files are missing: CA Gen: GUI application failing with "Failed to load DLL file, reason code 126"