WP Monitor error: Attempted to generate a heartbeat for monitor jobq#
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WP Monitor error: Attempted to generate a heartbeat for monitor jobq#


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See the following message in the log

Attempted to generate a heartbeat for monitor jobq#JobQ1#2372 with a fifo of 2372 but no record was found for it in the WP_MONITOR table.


Release : 14.2



This Error message is logged when the Application Server starts up after it was shut down before the Workpoint monitors are shutdown. In this situation, the monitors were unable to clean up their work and remove their record from the wp_monitor table.  The monitors have a process to shut down and the application server must be running to allow the Workpoint Monitors to shut down gracefully. Workpoint recommends against any hard stop of the application server where the Workpoint monitors are running.  The monitors may be executing a Job Evaluate, i.e. executing a script to complete a workitem.  A hard stop of the monitors could leave a Workpoint Job in a bad state if it does not finish the transaction of the Job Evaluate. Additionally, the Monitor now has an abandon record in the wp_monitor table.


During a graceful shutdown of an application server, the monitors receive a shutdown message either from a client request, such as the wpConsole or api, the monitor start the shutdown process for all monitors that are running at the moment.  The shutdown process will include each monitor located in the wp_monitor table.  If the monitor is running, a message is first sent to the monitor to shutdown.  That monitor will finish its current task.  Once the monitor finishes processing the current task, the monitor process will shutdown and then remove its monitor record from the wp_monitor table.


Restart the server