"Lookup field" do not work on IE
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"Lookup field" do not work on IE


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Customer have reported that "lookup fields" are not working on IE. I could reproduce the error myself and detected that some functions located at the file formdesigner.js use a JS method called "startswith", which is not supported on IE11.
- Please check the attached zip file to see the use case
- IE Version: 11.0.9600.19678
- I've checked the link you sent and the error I'm reporting is not listed there, besides I've downloaded the patch and checked the files it overwrite and apparently formdesigner.js is not one of them


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Reproduced this same behavior on Service Catalog

1.- Create a Form and add a Lookup element to it.
2. Create an offering and add the form created in step 1 
3. Create a request for the above offering i.e. in our case "Lookup field_32273906 " under Home > CASupport > MEO
4.- Fetch the id's from lookup (country list in this case).
5.- This issue is reproduced and specific to IE environment only
6. Note you will not get any elements from the list where as you will get the value using other browsers
7. Compatibility mode is set for this IE browser
Note: You will observer an error in Developer tools i.e. Object doesn't support property or method 'startsWith'


Our Engineering team is already aware of this limitation and are working on a solution. This is being tracked via a defect DE57542.

The solution will be available in the next 17.2 RU10 and 17.3 RU2 patches.

Tentatively these patches will be available near the end of October/early November.