Customize Error Response When rate-limit assertion fails
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Customize Error Response When rate-limit assertion fails


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CA API Gateway API SECURITY CA API Gateway Precision API Monitoring Module for API Gateway (Layer 7) CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7) STARTER PACK-7 CA Microgateway


When throttle or shape is enabled Gateway throws generic 503 service not available error.

Since this message is not a valid xml/json format clients are not able to process.

We are looking to implement a custom error response. 

Implemented below which is not working, even added to all assertion must equal to true block.



Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


Policy logic 


Use the following Policy Logic :

2  Audit Message in Policy
3  Customize SOAP Fault Response Template Fault
4  All assertions must evaluate to true
5      Customize error response
6  At least one assertion must evaluate to true
7        Apply Rate Limit:
8  Route via HTTP to xxxx

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