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How can I access the TDM Portal logs when using a Docker Container and enable DEBUG mode.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am having an issue with TDM portal that is deployed in Docker.
The error says to check the logs.
How can I access the logs for TDM portal?
And how do I enable debug mode to get more details?





TDM Portal Docket 4.9X
Test Data Manager


Enabling TDM Portal Debug mode

To enable debug mode you need to edit the docker-compose.yml used to create the image and enable the debug mode for the key LOGGING_LEVEL_COM_CA_TDM:

The stop and start the docker TDM Portal instance.


There are several ways to access the TDM Portal logs.

Option 1:
use the Docker log command

1) connect to the Docker Server
2) run the docker container ls command to get the list of containers and get the container name.

3) then you can run the docker logs <conatinerID> command


Option 2:
You can access the docker logs on the docker server under /var/lib/docker/volumes/{name_of_volume}/_data/tdm/
Where {name_of_volume} is whatever volume name they used in the docker-compose.yml file for their installation.

run the cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/ command
run the ls -la to see the list of the  {name_of_volume}

run the command for cd tdm_tdmweb_logs/_data/tdm/
in this location you will see the Portal logs

then use your normal editor to check the Tdmweb.log or other logs.