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Dx Spectrum : Does Spectrum support updates to AdoptOpenJDK JRE versions


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Documentation states that AdoptOpeJDK 8u212 is supported.

Should we understand this to mean that AdoptOpeJDK JRE 8u242 cannot be used with Spectrum 10.4, i.e., only one specific version of AdoptOpeJDK is supported with a given release of Spectrum?


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


As per documentation below are the details.

10.4.0 support only AdoptOpenJDK JRE (8u212b04).

10.4.1 support only AdoptOpenJDK JRE (8u232).

10.4.2 supports AdoptOpenJDK JRE (8u242).

Note : We allow the customer to use whatever version of JRE they want. They just have to remember to set the Supported JRE Version in the OneClick Client Configuration page.
However, we will only support the version shipped with Spectrum.