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UIM AIX robot install completes but controller stops.


Article ID: 202011


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


AIX robot install completes correctly but controller will one stay running for a minute or two before stopping. 

Log shows no errors and makes references do multiple local IP addresses:
Controller: nimGetIpList - found ||10.110.306.108||10.110.305.108||
Controller: check_ipchange - old ip 10.110.306.44 no longer in ip list ||10.110.306.108||10.110.305.108||
Controller:  data  robotname=mykpasysdb001l robotip=10.110.306.44 

It ends up assigning an IP address that is not in the list. 


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT_AIX


update robot.cfg with robotip = <IP address robot should use> 
added between <controller> 
and <environment>

Additional Information

Log has this failure which is a side effect of the problem:
Controller: Controller - restore state from robot_env sds file (origin)
Controller: robot_env read - error, read pds from file '/opt/nimsoft/robot/robot_env.sds' failed
Controller: robot_env read - error, read failed, file = '/opt/nimsoft/robot/robot_env.sds', rc = 316145889 (unknown error)