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Exchange Powershell Script Bug


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We believe there is a bug in the exchange powershell script. We see that it is only sending "Alias" when creating the mailbox, but we believe it should be sending SMTP Email address as well as apart of the powershell command. Could engineering look into this?


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


This will have to be an Idea posted on communities.

Our powershell only enables mailbox, modify mailbox, deletemailbox All other attributes like -PrimarySmtpAddress are sent via LDAP not powershell.
  This case will have to be an idea in communities to allow for a configuration to add these extra attributes. Some customers May not want this while some do.
  The customer has chosen to implement a Pentaho script to read in the AD smtp and re-write this to IM in case of change.
    Pitfalls with this support suggest checking the AD account in the provisioning directory to double-check that this data is reflected.
 Secondly, we are relying on inbound and inbound, Any task that has Account sych task completion would push the original data in the IM account back to GU. If the task is processing BEFORE the inbound completes.

Because of the pitfalls if this has to be readdressed:
1) Fix the IM px policy used to generate the users email with data compliment with the exchange policies. This may not be best as this would cause overhead for every create.
2) if that does not work Another way to have done this, even though the customer turned down using TEWS, that this would be a TEWS call to IM to modify the Corp user with the data from exchange so that is flows from top of IM down to AD account in the global store.