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Development SiteMinder SDK 12.7 in Openshift


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We would like to know if it's possible to connect to the policy server
ONLY using Java code, without native interface ?




SDK 12.7




From the same documentation, yes, you can do the same in Pure Java :

  Implement Agent API in Java

    When using the Agent API in Java, code your agent in Java. The Agent
    API has two implementations:


    - The Pure Java Agent API that replaces the native code used in the
      JNI API with pure Java components. The present version of this API
      uses the same interface as the JNI API.

    The Pure Java Agent API is highly portable to new operating
    environments as there are no native-mode components. Applications
    written using the pure Java implementation require certification
    only against the Java Virtual Machine hosting the implementation,
    rather than against individual operating systems.

If you don't want to use SmHost.conf nor run smreghost command, you
can build your code as 4.x Agent.

You'll find here how to define a 4.x Agent :

    Configure a Web Agent

    Note that 4.x Agent cannot work with Policy Server which would be
    in FIPS-Only encryption.