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CA View - Documentation Incorrect for Panel Name for SARINIT FEATURE=15


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The View 14.0 (and 12.2) documentation was found to show incorrect panel names under "User Modes for Retrieving Reports" under "Using" for SARINIT FEATURE=15.

The documentation shows names SAxS2J1 - SAxS2J6, whereas the panel names are SAxP2J1 - SAxP2J6.

The documentation needs correction.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The View 12.2 and 14.0 documentation was updated with the following:

Feature 15 Panels

The list shows the descriptions for the Feature 15 panels.

• SAxP2J1 - Sysout ID, Jobid, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time, Loc, Class, Lines, and Xcode
• SAxP2J2 - Sysout ID, Jobname, Jobid, Archive Date/Time, Lines, Pages, System
• SAxP2J3 - Sysout ID, Jobname, Reader Date/Time, and User-Comments
• SAxP2J4 - Sysout ID, Jobname, Jobid, Print Date/Time, UserID, Gen, and Seq
• SAxP2J5 - Sysout ID, Jobname, Jobid, Orig, Class, Dest, Forms, and Tape Values
. SAxP2J6 - Sysout ID, DTOI, Remaining Days/Gens/Copies, ERO ID