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Running a FastDataMasker batch job from the TDM Portal using Javelin.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a number of FDM batch jobs on a server. We would like to give TDM Portal users the ability to run these.


Release : 4.7

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Steps to execute a Javelin Workflow from a browser that is running the TDM Portal.
The browser can run on any remote machine without a TDM installation as long as it can connect to the CA Test Data Manager Portal service that is running on the machine where TDM is installed.

Steps to prepare the Workflow for use by others.
1) On the server create a Javelin workflow file (.vwf) that executes an FDM batch job for example.
You could use a 'InvokeProcessActivity' step with:
Arguments: "/c c:\mask\mask1.bat"
ExecutableName: "c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"
WorkingDirectory: "c:\mask"
2) In Javelin, verify that this job runs without error.
3) On the server, in the TDM Portal under Orchestration, create a 'NEW WORKFLOW'.
4) Give the workflow a name and Drag and Drop the .vwf file created in step 1 and click SAVE.
5) Under Generators, create a 'NEW GENERATOR', give it a name, description and click SAVE
6) Double click the newly created Generator and click Actions.
8) Give the Publish Action a name, description and select a WORKFLOW Action Type.
9) Select the Workflow created in step 4) and click SAVE
10) The action is now showing under Generators > Workflow > Actions and Inactive Actions.
To execute the Workflow click the go button for the action.

Steps to use the Workflow by anyone from the TDM Portal by others:
1) Click Generators and select the name of the Generator (as named and created in step 5).
2) Click the ACTIONS button and click the go button for the action (as named and created in step 8)