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Project creation from template is possible although mandatory fields are not filled In New UX


Article ID: 201905


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


If you are creating projects / ideas from template and these templates include mandatory fields which are not filled. In the Classic Clarity, users fill them on the creation page and then save. If these mandatory fields are not entered on creation they cannot save the new project and it is not created in Classic Clarity.

In modern UX however, if you are creating a project from template the project is immediately created and you do not get any error message if you navigate out of the project without mandatory fields being filled. The expectation here would be that at least an error message is popping up. Or the project is not even created as it currently working with the creation of projects without a template in the project list of mux. Currently nothing is preventing the user from creating a project without mandatory fields being filled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a template and make some of the fields mandatory
  2. Create a new project in modern ux from template
  3. See if project is created / error messages popup if mandatory fields are left empty


Release : 15.X, 16.X

Component : Clarity Project Management


New UX doesn't check for mandatory fields when project is created from template .


You can define defaults for those required attributes and then have the user select necessary value.