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uninstall_agent is missing


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Frequently people are unable to locate the uninstall script and other tools from the agent installation package. 



Release: All releases

Component: Endpoint Prevent


We do not provide the tools from the installation package that you download from the Enforce server.

This is done so that we are not providing the ability to circumvent the agent software once it is installed.

The "Tools" directory is a part of the original download provided by Broadcom. it must be manually copied to the agent.



You will want to download "Symantec_DLP_15.7_MP1_Agent_Win-IN.zip" from Broadcom, and the Tools directory containing the uninstaller as well as the other administrative tools will be in that package.

You would extract that, then import the applicable binary "aka: (AgentInstall-x64_15_7) as seen below "into Enforce and download AgentInstaller_Win64.zip from the Enforce console to install the agent on a machine. The "Tools" directory will not be in that package.

Tools folder is separate from that file and is not sent to the Enforce Server, so if you need those tools in your agent you will need to manually copy them over to the agent.

For best practice, be sure to remove the tools when finished to prevent tampering with the agent, as well as possible compatibility issues with future releases.

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