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Targets section in Console Manage-Computers menu or from a policy is taking longer to load


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IT Management Suite


The customer recently upgraded from 8.5 GA to 8.5 RU4. 

He noticed that after upgrading to 8.5 RU4, when he goes to Manage>Computers, the "Targets" section on the left page section takes longer to populate than before. If he waits a little bit more, then it populates the middle section:

It usually takes around 20secs but it has taken up to 2-3 min sometimes to load. 

The customer when logged in as a member of the Symantec Administrators sees the issue as well. 

The customer also mentioned when he tries to load some of his plug-in upgrade policies, it may take a little bit longer than usual when populating the targets portion of it.


As part of troubleshooting this issue, we tried changing "SkipUpdateInvalidTargetsInTargetView" coresetting from "false" to "true" but it didn't help. Still slow for what they used to see.

We also checked if the issue with loading time for targets could be related to issues with a possibly large amount of Exclusions but there were only 10 targets that have more than 10 exclusions and the top one had just 17 exclusions.


ITMS 8.5 RU4


Known issue. Affected area - drag and drop functionality for trees items. Changes needed: optimized getting of the "read-only" flag, unnecessary requests to the database were removed.

The reason why customer saw a quick load of targets in 8.5 GA compared with 8.5 RU4

  • When ITMS Views page worked using Silverlight, there were settings available so by default the Enhanced Console Views (ECV) show the first 50 items loaded (used chunk loading of items) but now we load all available items without using a chunk '50 first items' like previously did (now when ITMS Views works in HTML5 we don't have such settings to set limit of first loaded items)


A fix for this issue has been added to ITMS 8.6 Release.

A pointfix for ITMS 8.5 RU4 is available under KB 198337 "CUMULATIVE POST ITMS 8.5 RU4 POINT FIXES"