CA Dispatch associated task recycle and daily maintenance best practices
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CA Dispatch associated task recycle and daily maintenance best practices


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


This article outlines the CA Dispatch and CADDSPLx recommended task recycle frequency as well as the recommended daily maintenance processes.

- This article assumes that customers are using CA Dispatch to:

a. PRINT reports

b. ARCHIVE reports

c. Send reports and/or MSGCLASS data into ONLINE VIEWING


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


- While technically, you can leave the CA Dispatch & CADDSPLx related tasks active from IPL to IPL, CA generally recommends a periodic RECYCLE of both the CA Dispatch and the CADDSPLx environments. Recycling of these tasks will release the system resources associated with the CA Dispatch & CADDSPL tasks back out to the system. Also, assuming that you run BACKUPS of the LDS files as well as the CA Dispatch database files, running these backups while both tasks are down will keep your LDS files in sync with the the CA Dispatch OV database file.

- Your best source of information on the topic of daily maintenance can be found in the CA Dispatch documentation. Please refer to the CA Dispatch User Guide for the Report Administrators manual, chapter 19, entitled "Checklist of daily procedures" and the "Daily maintenance job table".

- The maintenance jobs themselves are documented in the CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide, chapter 13, entitled "Utilities".

- Generally speaking, CA would recommend the following best practices.


  1. Backups of Dispatch related DATABASE files, LDS files and all LIBRARIES.
  2. Online Viewing cleanup to delete expired entries out of the LDS and OV database files - (Job DSEXVIEW or DSEXPSVW)
  3. Archive cleanup to delete expired entries out of AR database file - (Job DSEXTMIG or DSEXPSAR)
  4. Status file cleanup to delete expired entries out of the RDS database file - (Job DSEXPURG or DSEXPSST)

Active journal offload (Job DSEXBR05) would ONLY be necessary if your site intended to perform a ROLL FORWARD or ROLL BACK procedure. Typically, clients do not perform either of these procedures but instead, accept restoring Dispatch back to the time & status of when the last backup was taken.


  5. DSEXJFIX to initialize your existing journal files - (See Knowledge Article Id: 43183).
  6. DSEXSTAT to monitor database file utilization details.