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What is the process to delete a populated SYSTEM from Endevor


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Is there a process to follow to delete a SYSTEM from Endevor that has Elements and processors? 



Release :  18.0, 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager



There are a lot of checks in Endevor to prevent deleting a System unless all of its components are gone; Elements, Types and Subsystems.  This is so that a system isn't accidentally deleted and also so that the information stored in the VSAM data bases (the MCFS, Element Catalog and ACMQ) is up to date, so it is really not that easy to delete a system, especially one that has been populated.
If there is a need to delete a System, these are the basic steps to do so, in this order:
  • Delete all elements
  • Delete all types
  • Delete subsystems
  • Delete the system
This process has to be done for each environment and stage.
The associated files (base, delta, listing, etc.) should never be deleted until all of the above steps are taken.