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AWI: Process Monitoring: Filter for Task Name does not accept wildcard


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In the Process Monitoring perspective you can filter for Task Name using wildcards. According to documentation "You can also enter wildcard characters (* and ?) within the search string".

However, it appears that the filtering does not find any tasks if I use the * as wildcard.

For example, menu Process Monitoring, you want to filter for a specific Task Name using KEYWORD1*KEYWORD2
This does not work, it is strange as KEYWORD1?KEYWORD2 works so it does *KEYWORD1*KEYWORD2


Release : 12.2 and 12.3


Subcomponent: Automic.Web.Interface


By design, documentation will be improved to reflect this.



Documentation has been enhanced via AE-24752:

The implicit '*' at the beginning and end are used only if there are no other '*' wildcards.

If you put a wildcard * in the middle of the search phrase, then the wildcards at the beginning and end do not apply any more.

Example: Search for task name KEYWORD1*KEYWORD2

This search will only give the objects which are starting with KEYWORD1 and ending with KEYWORD2.

In order to display objects containing KEYWORD1 and KEYWORD2 in the middle of the name, the phrase *KEYWORD1*KEYWORD2* should be used.

Using a '?' to replace a single character does not remove the implicit * at the beginning and the end so you can use KEYWORD1?KEYWORD2 to look for objects whose name matches *KEYWORD1?KEYWORD2*