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No user can logon to TPX after a SMRT table reload.


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


In the process of provisioning a secondary SMRT table, inadvertently did a RELOAD SMRT=SMRTNEW, (new table).
The impact is that no user can logon. How to back out this change without recycling TPX ?


Release : 5.4
Component : CA-TPX for z/OS


From TPXOPER, initiate D TBLS.
This will display :

                               --------- TPX Tables -------
                             TPX       Current          
                               Startup       Reload        
System Options:               SMRT4Z     SMRTNEW <== New table RELOADed.
 Application Definitions:      ACT4Z                       
 Virtual Terminal Masking:                                 
 Print Destination Def.:                                   
 Passthrough Print Mgmt:                                   
 Terminal Options:                                         
 OfficeVision/MVS ACI:                                     
 Security Action/Message:      TOPS  

Notice the 'TPX Startup' table.

To get back to the startup SMRT table invoke a RELOAD SMRT=[startup-table-name]
This will reinstate the table to original setup.

The only other option is to recycle TPX.