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JARSINIT; no longer using BMC product


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JARS JARS Resource Accounting JARS SMF Director


We recently removed a BMC product, CMF, and replaced it with IBM's RMF. 

However, in a recent IPL of one of our production LPARS, it looks like JARSINIT from PRODUCT(CA-JARS/DSA) VERSION(DX60)  was trying to start the BMC product.

I would like to remove the code from JARSINIT.

Is JARSINIT a control card or a PROC?  Where can I find it?



Release : 6.0

 CA JARS DSA Resource Management support for z/OS

Component : CA SMF Director



The JARS subsystem is initialized during CAIRIM processing when the system comes up and IPLs. If you no longer need the JARS subsystem, you can remove the JARS control statements from the CAIRIM job statements under the PARMLIB DD.   


Additional Information

If you're using JARS SMF Extensions (SMF/E) to get the flower boxes in your job reports, this will be turned off as well if you remove this.