Change the SOURCE LEN (LRECL) of a Simple Endevor Type Getting error ELEMENTS EXIST
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Change the SOURCE LEN (LRECL) of a Simple Endevor Type Getting error ELEMENTS EXIST


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In Endevor, there is a TYPE CNTL defined that has SOURCE LEN => 80 - There are several Elements that already exist in Production. The Source output, Component is Defined as RECFM=FB, LRECL=80 

Can the LRECL be changed from LRECL=80 to LRECL=133. When attempting to change the Source Length  to 133 the message ELEMENTS EXIST with the long message UPDATE NOT ALLOWED; ELEMENT(S) STILL EXIST.  Why does the error occur and how can  the SOURCE LEN and the LRECL of the source output component be changed without re-creating the output.



Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The message ELEMENTS EXIST happens because Endevor does not allow the  SOURCE LEN  to be changed when Element s for that type exist.  This is a Endevor system requirement.  The basic process is to run a Archive to backup the Elements.  Make your changes. Then run a Restore to restore the Elements.

These are more detailed instructions:

In this example there is one type. The type currently has a TYPE called CNTL. The change is only to the production version in SYSTEM/SUBSYSTEM prod.  The SOURCE LEN is 80. The BASE/DELTA are on ELIBs. The Source Output component is created by a processor and is a PDSE with a LRECL of 80. There is a need to change the SOURCE LEN and LRECL to 133. 

1)Backup Output Components: Create a copy of the Source output dataset. The copy should be to the new LRECL of 133. I create it with a .NEW at the end. (eg. ....CNTL to ....CNTL.NEW) As this is a simple source output I used ISPF utility option 3, you also can use IEBCOPY (never use IEBGENER). After you did this check that the footprint is intact by viewing the footprint. Endevor option 1  DISPLAY then 2  FOOTPRINT and input the ....CNTL.NEW dataset.

2) Archive:  Run  SCL ARCHIVE to back up all the Elements for the specific type that you want to change. I recommend that the only option you add is OVERRIDE SIGNOUT. This will backup and delete the Elements. The archive is used as this will backup the Elements and the component list and delete the Elements. The utility will use the delete processor that is specifies by the processor group. (example JCL is attached in file ARCHIVE.txt)

3)Make Changes:  At this point no Elements should exist for that type.  Go to the TYPE CNTL and change the SOURCE LEN to 133. Delete the source output file(empty)  ....CNTL. Then rename the new source output file. Rename ....CNTL.NEW to ....CNT. As the Delta is a ELIB the LRECL will automatically be adjusted. If the Delta was PDS/PDSE the LRACL of this file also must be adjusted(only this type can occupy this Delta file). 

4)Restore: Run SCL RESTORE using the output file from the above Archive.(sample JCL attached RESTORE.txt). This will restore the Elements to the original state. The component list will have the output component listed.


Additional Information

The SCL ARCHIVE and RESTORE were used as this will backup and restore the Elements/Component List based on TYPE. The utility Unload/Reload was not used as this utility enqueues the entire Environment. UNLOAD/RELOAD also will backup the Entire Environment for the SYSTEM/SUB SYSTEM. Transfer was not used as this does not backup/restore the Component list.


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