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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC) CA 7 Workload Automation


Moving from PROCESS=SELECT to PROCESS=ALLSYSTEMS in a MIMPlex where CA7 is present, it can happen that, starting the main tasks CA7ONL in the Lpars of this MIMPlex, some of them can fail with the following errors : 

17.31.24 STC18495  CA-7.IRST - ARF MONITORING ACTIVATED                   
17.31.24 STC18495  CAL2M801I METRICS DATA WILL BE CAPTURED                
17.31.24 STC18495  CA-7.583 - ANOTHER CA-7 IS ACTIVE FOR CA71             
17.31.24 STC18495  CA-7.910 - ILLEGAL CARD OR SEQ. ERROR IN INIT DECK     
17.31.24 STC18495   SVCNO,SASSVC=YES                                      
17.31.24 STC18495  KEYWORD WAS SASSVC     PARM WAS                        
17.31.24 STC18495                                                         

while the same CA7ONL tasks started in the same MIMPlex with PROCESS=SELECT don't get any problem.

How to correct this error ? 



Release : All

Component : MIM

Component : CA 7 


This error is caused by MIM preventing the CA7ONL failing task running, using the same Sub-System name already present in the same plex, because now MII propagates UCC7SVT due to the PROCESS=ALLSYSTEMS functionality. 

So, the way to bypass this issue is to make the Subsystem or RNAME unique for the CA7ONL involved tasks.To do that it is necessary to take advantages of the RNAME sub-parm of the SVCNO statement in the CA7ONL  init parms deck: 
Use this parameter if you want to override the default RNAME used to ENQ the instance control block (ICMDSECT) at startup. The default is the instance name (declared or implied by the value of the CA7 keyword). For example, CA71 is the default RNAME for the first tracking instance of CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition. CA72 is the default RNAME for the second tracking instance. In compatibility mode, the defaults are UC07 and UCT7. The value of the keyword can be one to four alphanumeric characters.

Based on the default value of RNAME (if not already specified in the CA7ONL init deck), if in the same MIMPlex there are two CA7ONL instances having the same name CA7x, then the Subsystem is CA7x for both and MIM will not allow that and the error CA-7.583 is issued.

To bypass it, it is possible either to change one of the instances name or, in a more simple way, to have both instances at CA7x and on one of them add  RNAME=xxxx (xxxx is unique 4 character name) to the SVCNO statement in the init deck.

This will allow both CA7ONL tasks to come up with the instance name CA7x, but with different Subsys names (one is CA7x and the other one is xxxx, according to the RNAME value specified).