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Access Gateway 12.8 SP04 target URI hiding


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We're running a CA Access Gateway (SPS) and we'd like to know if
there's a way to hide the URI part of a protected URL ?

To illustrate :

so we'd like the SPS to hide the /myapp in the URL.




CA Access Gateway (SPS) 12.8SP4 on RedHat 7




At first glance, CA Access Gateway (SPS) doesn't offer such

You may be able to acheive this by implementing a Custom Filter in CA
Access Gateway (SPS) :

  How Access Gateway Processes Custom Filters

    The Filter API provides a method for developers to insert processing
    before a request is passed to a destination server, as described in
    step 2 of the preceding process, or after the response from the
    destination server is returned to the Access Gateway as described in
    step 3 of the preceding process, but before the resource is passed
    to the user.

More, this seems to be something complex to implement, as the browser
needs to know the URI part to send the request. One way to achieve
this might be at the application level, where using ajax call (which
are not following the HTTP protocol), makes site interaction when
conserving always the same url as described here :

  URL Masking

    The most common method for achieving this, interestingly, is with
    Ajax, where the main index page never changes but the content on
    that page is swapped out asynchronously via JavaScript.