How do I launch the AAI Client *.jnlp file?
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How do I launch the AAI Client *.jnlp file?


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How do I launch the AAI Client *.jnlp file?

You may see when downloading the *.jnlp file on Windows from http://<servername>:8080/jaws, when you click open you will get brought back to a list of downloads.


Release : 6..x



This will occur if the jnlp file is not associated with Java Web Start which is javaws in your %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin directory.


The *.jnlp file is a Java Web Start file, so it requires a version of Java that has "javaws" in its bin directory.

If you open a cmd prompt and type:

java -version

If it returns no output, add the %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin directory to your system's PATH variable.

Check to make sure you see javaws within the %JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin directory, if it is  missing you may need to download a JDK instead of JRE.

We would recommend using a JDK 1.8.251 or earlier if you are running an AAI version earlier then 6.0.2-1.

Also set the install directory of that JDK as your JAVA_HOME variable.

There is also a way to set the default program to open the jnlp file described in the link below which should work for you as well.

1. Right-click on the saved .jnlp file and choose Open With

2. Make sure there is a check-mark in the box that says Always use this app to open .jnlp files, then click More apps.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and select Look for another app on this PC

4. Select the Java folder, (If you do not see Java, go back up one level to the C:\ drive and select Program Files(x86), then select the Java folder. If you do not have a Java folder here, you will want to go to and download Java 1.8.251 or earlier.

5. Double click the jre\bin folder

6. Double click the javaws application

7. Click the Close button

8. JNLP files will now open, by default, with Java Web Start