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OC Docker image webtomcat access blank page


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


We have recently started using docker spectrum container images. we got the MLS and OC loaded, and can access OneClick and d/l the java console

- we cannnot access webtomcat - the service is running and the logs appear to show initialized connector port 9443, but we get a blank screen when trying to access. we found a note on communities that mentions this may happen if tomcat is config for SSL but webtomcat is not, but that is not there case here (we do not have tomcat set up on SSL yet)



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


When the container was loaded, port 9443 was not mapped. 


when you run the docker command to create the OneClick container, you need to publish the port that the server will be using. Here, we have published (mapped) the 9090:8080; that way, any request to 9090 will be forwarded to 8080, but Webtomcat also needs 9443:9443. The command to create the container is:


  • docker container run -d  --name OC -e ROOT_PASSWORD=<password> -e MAIN_LOCATION_SERVER=<MLS_container_name> -e MAIN_LOCATION_SERVER_IP= <MLS_container_IP> <OneClick_image_name>